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Tilting Shoe Bearings

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Tilting shoe bearings enhance the durability of your machinery, reducing wear inflicted on your journal bearings and extending the life of your machinery. Tilting shoe bearings, also referred to as tilting pad bearings, can accommodate very high speeds. By reducing wear and accommodating high speed performance, tilting shoe bearings increase your productivity, efficiency and durability.

Tilting pad bearings can improve your machinery’s performance for the long term. Tilting pad bearings keep your machine well-oiled, and self-adapt to maintain oil supply. This not only keeps your machine running smoothly, but assists in avoiding overheating and pad damage. By tilting shoe bearings preventing overheating and pad damage, your machinery is optimized for productivity and resilience.

Tilting Shoe Bearings Applications

Tilting shoe bearings can be used in a variety of machinery, including:

  • Compressors
  • Chillers
  • Turbines
  • Electric motors
  • Gear drives
  • Locomotives
  • Marine
  • Pumps
  • And many others

Tilt Shoe Manufactured

Valuing Dependability

Babbitt Bearings, Inc. is dedicated to producing reliable bearings. Without second thought, your bearings need to be able to perform. Babbitt Bearings knows how important it is that your machinery is fully operational and requiring minimal maintenance. Babbitt Bearings products are made with this in mind, and are built for heavy, long-term performance.

A Long Term Commitment for Your Long Term Solution

Babbitt Bearings products are expertly designed to endure and perform for years. Despite this, nothing can be built for forever. Babbitt Bearings will fix your failing bearings with our rebabbitting or machining repair services. Babbitt Bearings’ commitment to reliability includes recognizing some solutions can’t wait, offering emergency delivery when necessary. We value every customer, and pride ourselves on satisfying your needs.

Build Greatness With Babbitt Bearings

With Babbitt Bearings, Inc., you’re working with parts made by expert, professional craftsmen whose handiwork has built businesses and liberated nations.

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