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Thrust Bearings

Fluid film babbitted bearings are an ideal solution for handling thrust loads. Babbitt Bearings Inc. has more than 40 years experience with the manufacture of thrust bearings, and the critical aspects of assuring that your design achieves optimum performance. As with our entire babbitted product line, we design a process based on assuring bond integrity and confirmation of babbitt thickness.

Plain and Tapered Land Thrust Bearings

The geometry of your thrust bearing is critical to maintaining the fluid film. Our expertise is in creating this geometry, whether it consists of:

  • Straight Tapers
  • Compound Tapers
  • Bleeder Notches
  • Oil Grooves, Galleys, and Reservoirs

Depending upon your configuration, we machine these features either on dedicated manual equipment, or on our 5 axis CNC Mill. Where some manufacturers have moved to milling tapers with a small end mill, we remain firm in our preference for the surface finish and uniformity of a blade scraped land. For More deatailed information about Tapered Land Thrust Bearings

Self-Equalizing Thrust Bearings

Babbitt Bearings Inc. manufactures self-equalizing thrust bearings for multiple customers, each with their own specific design criteria. We are experienced with steel and copper backed shoes, and many configurations of leveling links and buttons to achieve the required float. Shoes themselves may be straight faced or tapered, and retention styles vary from common hardware to custom clips. We welcome the opportunity to quote any combination you seek. For More information about Self-Equaliazing Thrust Bearings

Thrust Shoe Sets

If you are not looking for a standalone bearing, but wish to incorporate thrust load capability into a separate assembly, Babbitt Bearings Inc. is able to provide thrust shoe sets for you to integrate into your build.

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