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Self Equalizing Bearings

Making what you need rapidly and functionally is a universal objective, and self-equalizing bearings are crucial to satisfying that objective.

Self Equalizing Bearings

Efficiency Maximized

Self-equalizing bearings maximize productivity and efficiency by automatically adjusting the thrust load. The thrust load is how much parallel force is applied to a bearings’ axis. A self-equalizing thrust load makes maintenance easier, and functionality smoother and more efficient. These features make self-equalizing bearings ideal for equipment with heavy loads and high speeds. Self-equalizing bearings are designed to resolve minor misalignments, making maintenance easier while improving performance.

Long-Term Dependability

Self-equalizing bearings are also designed to endure for many years. Babbitt Bearings, Inc. values dependability as much as our clients do, and we strive to manufacture only the most durable bearings. Combining self-equalizing bearings inherent long-term reliability and Babbitt Bearings’ commitment to excellent customer service and premium quality manufacturing assures you that your machinery won’t fail when it’s needed most.

The Babbitt Difference

Self-equalizing bearings use babbitt thrust pads to reduce heating to a functional level. Babbitt Bearings specializes in producing babbitt products, specifically bearings, and offering babbitt services, such as rebabbitting. Babbitt Bearings is the expert on babbitt, assuring you always receive quality, dependable bearings.

Self-equalizing Bearing Applications

Babbitt Bearings’ self-equalizing bearings can be used for a variety of applications. These applications include:

Full Combination Bearing 843 Width

  • Compressors
  • Chillers
  • Turbines
  • Electric motors
  • Gear drives
  • Locomotives
  • Marine
  • Pumps
  • And many others

Build Greatness With Babbitt Bearings

With Babbitt Bearings, Inc., you’re working with parts made by expert, professional craftsmen whose handiwork has built businesses and liberated nations.

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