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Reconditioning Services

Babbitt That Repairs

Babbitt Bearings, Inc. is a bearing repair expert. Babbitt Bearings can return your worn bearings to like-new condition.

A Painless Fix

Bearing repair is a must to keep your down time to a minimum. Downtime is damaging to your organization’s finances, productivity and morale. Babbitt Bearings strives to reduce downtime as much as possible by repairing your bearings in a prompt manner.

A Commitment to Great Service

Our bearing repair services include rebabbitting, resurfacing and relining your bearings with virgin babbitt and expert workmanship. 

We never cut corners when repairing your bearings. Babbitt Bearings repair services will ensure that your bearings are restored properly. Our anti-friction alloys conform to military specification QQ-T-390A, GRADE 2. All Babbitt Bearings bearing repairs satisfy this standard, assuring your repaired bearings are dependable, regulation-compliant and able to perform like new.

Our Reconditioning Process

Your bearings will be:

  • Inspected to determine the extent of repair needed.
  • Machined to specifications.
  • Quoted for the cost of repair
  • Inspect & certify 
  • Shipped back to you in like-new condition.

What We Do

Babbitt Bearings reconditioning services include:

  • Reconditioning any feature of the OEM Product
  • Remachining all oil flow features, such as:
    • Tapered lands
    • Oil dams & reliefs

Several Solutions, One Shop

In addition to reconditioning, Babbitt Bearings, Inc. also offers babbitting & certification for new bearings.

Rediscover Greatness With Babbitt Bearings

Our bearing repairs are done by expert, professional craftsmen whose handiwork has helped build businesses.

Contact us today for your bearing repair needs.

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