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Our Process

Initial Contact & Quoting

Starting from your initial email or phone call, we will discuss with you how BBI's production capabilities can deliver your part in the quantity and schedule you require. We will provide a prompt and detailed quotation based upon the information you provide.


BBI treats all provided information as confidential. This applies to your information, and the information of existing customers. We will not quote product that we produce for someone else, nor will we provide your product to others. If you require a formal confidentiality agreement, please provide that during the initial process.

Engineering the Process

Every order is detailed through our Manufacturing Engineering process, and will include:

  • A detailed standard router, detailing the process steps. 
  • Engineered drawings as needed to control in process dimensions.
  • Special tooling and fixturing designs


As defined by the router, we will use a mix of CNC and manual equipment to meet your drawing requirements and tolerances. For more information on our equipment and capabilities, see our FACILITIES page.


Every order is manufactured in accordance with our Quality Manual. These steps include:

  • Ultrasonic testing of the babbitt bond.
  • In process inspection of critical features at each operation.
  • Final inspection of 100% of product to the top level component drawing.
  • Final inspection of 100% of assemblies for conformance to the top level assembly drawing.
  • Process and Material Certifications, as specified with the order.

Marking and Packaging

BBI uses pin marking to identify product. We have the ability to mark the part with your unique identifiers, including your Company logo.

Your product will then be packaged to ensure safe transport, to either our packaging standards, or yours if provided.

Request Information or Get a Quote

For complete information on our products and services or to see how Babbitt Bearings can help you, please contact us below or call us at 315-479-6603 or 1-800-435-4445