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Journal Bearings

Every manufacturer seems to have their own naming preference for babbitted journal bearings: journal bearings, sleeve bearings, plain bearings, thick walled liners, thin walled liners, shaft bearings, tilt shoe bearings, tilt pad bearings, tilt cage bearings, and a myriad of others.

No matter the name, Babbitt Bearings Inc. has been producing a wide variety of journal bearings for decades. We work to your design and needs to produce the style journal bearing you require.

Tilt Cage Beating Inside Outside

Plain Bearings

Although the name sounds simple, there are an extensive variety of features in plain bearings, and we work with all of the standard styles. From a straight bore with center line reservoirs all the way through tri-lobed bores, Babbitt Bearings Inc. has developed methods specific to our customers' designs, with a focus on consistently producing product, in quantities ranging from one to 1,000. We are experienced with manufacturing lobes, pressure dams, axial grooves, elliptical bores, reduced contact bores, and would welcome a chance to quote any unique configuration you may design.

Tilt Shoe/Pad Bearings

As with plain journals, variety abounds in tilt shoe bearings. Off the shelf items exist from major players in this industry, and often times, those solutions will meet your needs. But other times, they won't, and you want the ability to craft a bearing unique to your equipment, targeted to your performance requirements. Babbitt Bearings Inc. offers you this ability. We are experienced with making tilt shoe bearings in a wide range of styles, including both radial and axial tilt. We manufacture bearings that function based on straight housing bores, radius housing bores, eccentric shoes, button backed shoes, keyed shoes, and even the occasional spherical seat shoe. We produce both steel backed and copper backed shoes. If desired, we will discuss during your design phase how you might want to incorporate some of these features to produce your unique part for the lowest cost. For more detailed information about Tilting Shoe/Pad Bearings

Babbitt Thickness Control

If babbitt thickness is critical to your design, we pride ourselves on our ability to maintain babbitt layer thickness on split parts and tilting shoes. Before ever cutting a chip, we craft a plan based on critical manufacturing steps to confirm babbitt thickness and a full, reliable babbitt bond.

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