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Instrumented Bearings

Instrumented Bearing 843 Width

In the pursuit of higher efficiencies and better machine control, Babbitt Bearings Inc. has seen ever increasing demand for embedded instrumentation in journal bores, thrust faces, and individual shoes/pads. This instrumentation may include thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTD's). We meet this demand by working with you and your preferred instrument and instrumentation supplier to install and test any sensors you specify.

If you need to instrument an existing design, but are unfamiliar with the specifics required for placing the sensor or routing the wire, let us work with you to implement a solution. We collaborate with your designers to specify a solution, we will create engineering drawings to clearly define the solution, and provide them to you for your approval. We strive to be your partner in meeting your customer’s requirements.

If your design is set, Babbitt Bearings Inc. will machine and instrument to your exact drawings and specifications, and provide any testing and certification required.

In any capacity, Babbitt Bearings Inc. is available to meet your instrumentation requirements.

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