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No. We manufacture products to your drawings and specifications.  We can also work with your top level assembly design to create all of the components to manufacture the assembly.

Yes. We can work with you to come up with a design based upon an existing product.  However, we will not work on projects based upon any of our current OEM customers' designs.

No. We do not have the specialized machinery required to make this style bearing.

No.  We make our products specifically and exclusively for a given customer.  We believe in the confidentiality of our customers.  Your products will receive that same level of confidentiality.

No.  We have several trusted suppliers, and may be able to refer inquiries to them.

We manufacture finished product with babbitt thicknesses ranging from 0.003-0.005" thick to 0.500" thick or more.

Yes.  If you supply a machined blank, we can babbitt, skim cut, and inspect the babbitt bond.  

This varies greatly, based upon part complexity, and could be as short as 2 weeks for babbitting a blank, 3-4 weeks to perform a repair, or as long as 16 weeks to make fixturing and produce a brand new product in volume.  Typically, lead time for repeat business on a bearing assembly ranges from 8 to 12 weeks.

Absolutely.  Please contact us with your exact requirements, and we will determine if we can meet your needs.

We are not ISO certified, and perform work to our own internal Quality Manual, and to our specific customers' quality requirements. Most of our customers are themselves certified, and we welcome new and existing customers to audit our Quality System.

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