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Babbitt Bearings, Inc.’s facility is 33,000 square feet and located in lovely Syracuse, New York. Our facility includes a large array of machinery, providing Babbitt Bearings’ customers with versatile solutions that are capable of satisfying requirements for an unimaginable variety of jobs.

What We Have

Our facilities utilize the following machinery:

  • 14 pieces of CNC equipment, such as
    • 7 CNC mills, 2” with 4 axis machining
    • 6 CNC Lathes, including one with live tooling
    • 1 CNC Grinder
    • 5 conversationally programmed lathes & grinders

Much of our equipment shares overlapping capabilities. Because of this, Babbitt Bearings, Inc. provides the ability to solve a single need with various methods and approaches. This versatility empowers Babbitt Bearings, Inc. to complete a job with the most appropriate approach. Utilizing our overlapping equipment also enables Babbitt Bearings, Inc. to provide superior efficiency in completing jobs.

In addition to this machinery, our facility features a large assortment of manual lathes and mills. These machines provide versatility that can handle any job you may require.

What We Can Do

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There are several non-machining processes that Babbitt Bearings, Inc. can perform. Our non-machining processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Static pour and centrifugal casting
  • Ultrasonic Testing & Gauging


In manufacturing, one size never fits all. Babbitt Bearings, Inc. recognizes that your bearings need to be pinpoint precise in order to keep your machines running. Because of this, tolerances are held to a few ten-thousandths of an inch. This commitment to attention to detail assures you that your parts will work seamlessly and smooth. 

Build Greatness With Babbitt Bearings

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With Babbitt Bearings, Inc., you’re working with parts made by expert, professional craftsmen.

Contact us today to see how our facility’s multipurpose, adaptable machinery can work for you.

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