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Babbitting & Certification

If you need a blank to be babbitted, our babbitting & certification services can satisfy your needs.

Babbitt Bearings, Inc. has been the Syracuse bearing and babbitting experts since 1943. Our time tested talented tradesmen can apply a smooth, flawlessly functional babbitt coating to your blank. Babbitt Bearings, Inc. is committed to babbitting your blank to your exact specifications.

The Babbitt Bearings, Inc. Process

To begin the babbitting and certification process, the customer supplies the blank that they need babbitted and certified. In addition to supplying the blank, the customer provides Babbitt Bearings, Inc. with their unique requirements. We understand how critical it is that your parts meet your exact requirements. Because of this, our expert craftsmen are highly detail oriented to ensure you receive what you need without issues.

Next, we ultrasonic test and certify that the babbitt bonded to your blank. This test ensures your new bearings’ bond is dependable for longevity and performance. Your bearings are a critical component to your machinery running properly. You depend on your machinery. From every day performance to critical action for the unexpected and demanding, we understand that functionality that’s anything short of spectacular isn’t sufficient. We understand this reality, and go to great lengths to make sure your bearing is babbitted to meet your needs.

Finally, your newly babbitted blank will be returned to you. Typical turnaround time for this is 3 weeks.

More Than A Name

Babbitt is our specialty, but by no means is it our limitation. We can perform any further machining, as much or as little as desired. In addition to being able to apply virgin babbitt to your blank, Babbitt Bearings, Inc. offers reconditioning services.

Create Greatness With Babbitt Bearings

Our babbitting & certification services are done by expert, professional craftsmen.

Contact us today to utilize our babbitting & certification services.

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